company introduction
Baoqing County Sheng Feng Agricultural Products Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2013, the company registered capital of 5 million yuan. Is a production, processing and sales of snow white pumpkin seed, shine skin pumpkin seeds, shine skin pumpkin kernel etc. agricultural products import and export company, is producing large acquisition, production, processing and sales of agricultural products enterprises.
Ompany's main products
ompany's main products are white pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, gourd seeds, peeling, peeling kernel (processing) has become a part of the daily consumption of the staple food of the westerners, is very popular with users. International market demand in the annual growth, and there is an increasing trend, mainly due to its medicinal value and health function. And the pumpkin has been recognized as the International Association of food and health food, which contains rich amino acids, fatty acids, and the spleen, tonifying Qi, treating diabetes and prostate has good effect on prevention and treatment.
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